Scholarship Marketing for College Golf is a Must

by James Doucettperry

Jr Golfer

Jr Golfer

Scholarship Marketing for College Golf

Each year, there are thousands of high school
golfers who will not have the opportunity to play
at the college level.

Why you ask? Well for starters they did not understand the college identification
and selection process. More likely than not, they
did not have a clear and concise Marketing Plan.

Unless you are one of the 'Creme Dela Creme'
of High School golf prospects in the country,
a need exists to develop an individual marketing
program that will assist you in becoming recognized as a potential recruit.

Parents from day one need to start marketing their kids in Middle School to have ample momentum when their child is coming up through the ranks.

Scholarship Marketing for College Golf cont'...

With our reputation for producing some of the best
run golf events, our Green Classic event is sure
to be the premier showcase in the country for
Junior Golfers who are college bound.

The results from our event will be sent out to over 1300 college coaches across the country. Our National Championship is sure to become the Mecca for Junior Golfers.

We will have players participating from the US and from other countries around the world.

The unique aspect about this event is that golf programs represented by their players will have an opportunity to revamp their school or Academy's entire Budget.

Scholarship Marketing 4 College Golf

Please register for the Green Classic by going to Google and entering The Green Classic.

About James Doucettperry
Currently the CEO and Founder of TRI Mark Golf, TRI Balance Performance Solutions, TRI Records Online and TRI Realty Partners. Also a professional golfer with experience on Mini Tours in Europe and the US, and has participated in qualifiers for the British and US Open.

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